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Old Gold E-mail: info@oldgoldjewelry.com
Mendocino: 707 937-5005; 800 992-5335 Our Jewelry Collection

is a representation of the most finely crafted pieces
of jewelry available today. Please visit one of our two
romantic locations to view the collection in its entirety.

Memory Rings Memory Rings

Platinum and 24k gold forged together,
this is the only ring ever devised
to record the unique traces and
memories of your daily experience.

Platinum Diamond Eternity Rings Platinum Diamond Eternity Rings

950 Platinum diamond eternity rings
forged with the finest of materials
for a lifetime of enjoyment.

Tension Rings Tension Rings

The Niessing Ring® fabricated in gold
or platinum. Two curved planes extend
towards the center of the ring, simultaneously
holding and protecting the diamond.

Saw Pierced Gold Ring Saw Pierced Gold Ring

Ornate late Victorian style saw pierced
diamond ring fabricated from
original hand-carved antique steel molds.

Classic Floral Bands Classic Floral Bands

Floral motif bands, in 18k gold or platinum,
fabricated from original hand-carved
antique steel molds.

Braided Bracelets Braided Bracelets

Fine gold loosely hand-woven
in a light, slender and flexible form
to move gently and playfully
on the wrist.

Garden Rings Garden Rings

Hand-fabricated 18k gold bands...
contoured to embrace the finger
with a garland of diamond accented flowers

Michael Good Earrings 18K Anticlastic Formed Earrings

18k yellow gold hand-drawn
"Wave Oval" earrings. Timeless
designs that compliment and define.

Gold Bracelet Gold Bracelet

Hand-forged in 18k yellow gold
to create an everlasting spring
that contours the wrist or upper arm
in a swirl of deep tone precious metal.

Flurry Rings Flurry Rings

Waves of 18k gold and diamonds
featuring subtle variations of color
ranging from cool gray gold
to warmer deep tone orange gold.